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Due to technical issues and limited time while riding the bike everyday, we have decided to only update the twitter feed during the ride and will blog a more detailed description here after we are done.

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Happy Holidays.  450 of 11oo miles completed and here we go again.


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Here we go!

On December 16th, the day of a new moon, JB and I will set out from the Oregon border on our bikes to pedal 1100 miles in 21 days.  We will head south, cycling the entire length of Calfornia and sometime around January 8th or so, we should reach the border of Mexico.  We are partnering with the San Francisco SPCA to promote second chance  pet adoptions over the holidays as well as raise some money for the shelters in need.   And here’ s the cool part, we are taking our newly adopted dog, Scooby along with us in a very nifty little bike trailer.

Scooby Scooby

Our animals are like kids to us.  When we lost our first dog, Mr. Big, to lymphoma in October, we felt compelled to find a way to give something back.  Its kind of amazing how a dog can make you smile after a tough day or hearing your cat’s purr is all you need to fall asleep.  In other words, life without our furry buddies would be pretty boring.  So it seemed simple enough.  Take two of our life passions and put them together and see what we get.  Endurance sports + love for animals and poof, Pedal for Paws was born. DSC01910

Here’s where it gets interesting for me.  I haven’t been on a road bike for more than 5-10 miles at a time. Yep, “ignorance is bliss” might be the motto for me on this one.  JB is a bit more experienced than me- last December he rode 200 miles in 3 days in snowy conditions.  So I am banking on the fact that I am fit from ultrarunning and have taken a few spinning classes here and there.  But here’s where I know myself and  how I know I will see this through- the mental game is my strength.  I can finish anything I set myself out to finish.  I will be especially motivated,  thinking of the animals and the needs they have, and that seals the deal in my mind.  I am not particularly worried about the pace.  We are being pretty generous with our time frame, just in case the weather is extreme on some days. We will need to cover about 50 miles a day.  However, if we take a day off, that means 100 miles the next day.  So it could get a little crazy very quickly.

JB December 2009 ride JB December 2009 ride

This will be a simple and exciting adventure and yet, very different from our usual running trips or races.  We will be updating facebook, twitter and the Pedal For Paws webpage very frequently from here on forward.    Please come out and ride with us or just keep us and the animals in your thoughts as you enjoy this awesome holiday season.  If you can spare any dollars, please donate! 100% of the monies go to the SPCA (no admin fees on our end).  They need you!

Tazzoe and Gracie Tazzoe and Gracie

Happy Holidays and Peace to you all.

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